I had my surgery November 2017 ! Dr Howard saved my life I love him and do not have the words to explain how he is God sent !

Lucy C.

Dr. Balette performed my sleeve gastrectomy in January of this year and the results have been fantastic. He and his office staff are the most professional and caring individuals you can find in the medical profession. I had some pre-surgery complications and Dr. Balette actually called me one afternoon to explain his plan for my treatment and answer my questions; we must have talked for fifteen or twenty minutes. That sort of individual care and attention is rare, indeed!

Dr. Balette never seems to be in a hurry but he’s always on time – not sure how he does it. I never felt like he was trying to hurry along to his next patient or trying to dash out of the office for a two-hour lunch. He combines a caring attitude with the skills of a gifted and experienced surgeon. Highly recommended!

John K.

Dr. Balette is medical director of the bariatric surgery at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital. They have a NewStart program that is nationally accredited – and my best friend went to him for her gastric sleeve surgery a few months ago. She is doing very well and both he and his office have cared for her well – I’ve been bringing her to many of the appointments.

Super convenient location, right next to the hospital. His office is very organized and the hospital stay was great too. I know he does lap band and gastric bypass too. I’d recommend him for weight loss surgery and general surgery like gallbladder removal.

Amanda P.

We are 6 months post op and I can’t begin to describe how happy we are with our results and my new life.  We were referred to Dr. Balette by a friend that had the surgery in 2015 and were very apprehensive about weight loss surgery.  Dr. Balette and his team in the office made us feel so comfortable and took time to answer all of our questions.

After the surgery we attended a few support group meetings and found them helpful as well.  The best part about the surgery was the honesty and encouragement we received from Dr. Balette and his staff.  These people truly do want you to change your life and live a healthier lifestyle going forward.  Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!  My husband and I have lost a combined 122 LBS with more to go!!

Stacy L.

I had my gastric sleeve in July 2016.   Dr. Balette and his staff prepared me ahead of time for what expect – the good parts but also the challenges I would face.   My husband and I both appreciated knowing exactly what I was getting into which proved to help my nerves.   Both Dr. Balette and his nurse practitioner, Megan, are always available to help with issues or concerns that I have had since surgery.    From the time I went for my first consultation and through my one year anniversary visit I had this past summer, Dr. Balette and Megan have been very supportive and very informative.

My results have been amazing.  I’m down by a little over 100 lbs and I feel so much better.   You will obviously have major physical changes in appearance just due to the weight loss, but for me, my favorite part has been the amount of energy I have gained and being able to do the fun activities I used to enjoy.   Any surgery is scary, but I researched a lot before choosing Dr. Balette and his team. We now live in Dallas but I travel back to The Woodlands for my appointments with Dr. Balette because I truly feel he and his team have my best interest in mind.   Highly suggest Dr. Balette.

Reagan H.

Wow!!! Dr. Balette, Meagan, and Beatriz are incredible. Their instructions were very simple. They helped me come to a decision on my own instead of forcing something down my throat. All of my questions were answered thoroughly and honestly. Prior to surgery, Dr. Balette came into my room to sit with me and make sure I was comfortable. After surgery he did the same thing. The small incisions that were made looked evenly spaced and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to notice them in a few months.  The surgical center staff that Dr. Balette partners with(Memorial Hermann) was of equal caliber to the service that I received by Jason’s staff.  If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!! THIS WAS A TOP NOTCH EXPERIENCE!!!!

Jared R.

My first impression of Dr. Balette was “Wow, what a kind, person.” I met Dr. Balette at the hospital where I work, St Luke’s The Woodlands. He came up to check on his patient that was admitted to our unit. His patient care and bed side manner is top notch, and he treated the nursing staff wonderfully as well.

When I looked into WLS I was pleased to find that he did the procedures that I was interested in. He is very knowledgeable and caring. His office staff is also great. I didn’t have to wait long to be seen, and his nurse always took my calls immediately or called me back with in an hour. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor!


Dr. Howard was very understanding about my concerns and my overall health. We had a long talk and after that I was better to receive the Gastric Sleeve. I am now headed for my 1 year check up hoping I am on track to my goal weight.

John M.

Dr. Howard is an excellent surgeon. I encountered him after admittance through Memorial Hermann’s ER. His knowledge and surgical expertise saved my life. He performed 2 surgeries, with excellent results. He is a patient and kind surgeon who answered all my questions and kept me abreast of of my medical situation. I also respect his Christian values and appreciate his praying with me before my final surgery- this was on my request. I would highly recommend Dr. Howard.

Kelly D.